Exchange Policy

Do you have an exchange policy?
We understand that picking the right color might be a bit difficult when choosing from a computer screen, so we are happy to exchange your unopened Hottie Hair Extension set for a set of the right color. Due to hygienic reasons we only exchange items that have not been opened, worn or tampered with.

May I exchange my order?
We are more than happy to accommodate exchanges of hair extensions that have NOT been opened, worn or tampered with.

You may exchange your Hottie Hair Extensions order ONLY if they have been unopened and not taken out of the packaging. Hottie Hair Extensions are packaged with a special golden security seal which identifies if the extensions have been taken out of the cardboard backing to which they are attached.

Why are Hottie Hair Extensions non-exchangeable if opened?
Human hair extensions are a hygienic product. We take matters of hygiene and public safety seriously and DO NOT ALLOW opened items to be returned for the safety of all of our clients.

We are not alone; other hair extensions suppliers do not allow returns of opened items for the same reasons.

How can I exchange my hair extensions to the right color?
You must contact us first at ( within the industry leading thirty (30) day exchange period. We will then issue you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). All Hottie Hair Extensions must be shipped back unopened in the original packaging and the packaging must not be defaced in any way or an exchange will not be issued. All exchanges must be accompanied by a copy of your invoice.

We will then provide you with our return address which is in a warehouse that is closest to you (California, Pennsylvania, or UK), where the exchanged item will be inspected to see if you qualify for an exchange. Opened merchandise will not be exchanged.

Do I have to pay for the shipping of my exchange?
You are responsible for all exchange shipping costs and we recommend that you send your exchange with a tracking number as Hottie Hair will not be held responsible for lost returns.

Also, please indicate on package “RETURN, NO DUTIES” or your package will be returned to you.

When will I receive my exchange?
We will send you the different color hair extensions after we have received, inspected and confirmed that the returned hair extensions were not opened and taken out of the cardboard backing which is protected by a golden security seal.

What is the exchange period?
We will provide an exchange for unopened hair extensions within industry leading thirty (30) days of the date that you receive your hair extensions.

May I exchange Hottie Hair Extensions without contacting you or getting an RMA?
No. You must contact us prior to sending your exchange as our return address is different from the address we ship our hair extensions from. Also, the RMA facilitates tracking of your returned product and expedites your exchange.

Please note that exchanges for merchandise returned without contacting us will be denied as returns cannot be accepted at our warehouse facility.

How may I contact you?
You may contact us by e-mail at and we will reply to you within 24 hours.