Clip In+Halo Hair Extensions: 16" Clipo!™ Hottie® Hair - #01B (Natural Black)

Clip In+Halo Hair Extensions: 16" Clipo!™ Hottie® Hair - #01B (Natural Black)

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Clipo!™ Hottie® Hair is a brand new concept created by Hottie® Hair founder CryStyle. Merging two of the most loved types of temporary hair extensions Clip In & Halo Style Hair Extensions. Creating a unique 3 piece set that you are sure to ❤.

A full set of Clip In extensions usually comes in seven to eleven plus pieces and can take quite a bit of time to install. However so many pieces can give you excelent coverage around your entire head, giving them tremendous popularity. Considing the amount of time it takes to install Clip Ins the Halo Style hair extension came about and gave women a quick and easy way to add length and volume in seconds. However a one piece set lacks the face framing pieces that a full head Clip In set offers.

CryStyle saw a need to merge these two wonderful types of extensions to give you the best of both worlds. A quick and easy to install; yet complete coverage hair extension set. Women who love Clip Ins or Halos are sure to ❤ Clipo!™ Hottie® Hair!

Hair Extension Quality

With almost two decades of experience with hair extensions CryStyle has found that real high quality remy human hair is often hard to find. Even if a seller says it is. It is almost always not and can fool many at first. It is often hard to know without washing the hair many times only to find it becomes a tangly mess. A big reason is real remy hair is much more expensive and most commonly sold in high end permanent hair extensions that are washed often. With this in mind CryStyle wants you to be able to wash this hair worry free and has designed them with this higher quality real remy hair. Another big reason to ❤ your new Clipo!™ Hottie® Hair!

Clipo! Hottie Hair...in 60 seconds or less!

Your main hair piece is shaped in a halo and has an adjustable wire for easy fitting. It also comes with a full set of five clips attached so that you can use it without the wire or a combination of both! The two side pieces are optional and are quick and easy to pop in to provide framing around your face to give you full head coverage! Clip the entire set in or just wear it as a halo or combination of both, what ever your preference the option is now yours.

Quantity of Hair

The main halo shaped piece comes with a full 100 grams of hair giving you the ability to wear it alone. The two side pieces are each 10 grams of hair, perfect for framing your face. Giving you a total 120 grams of the highest quality real remy hair!

How Clipo! Hottie Hair WORKS

Clipo! Hottie Hair works with most hairstyles!

Option One:

Simply place the main piece of Clipo! Hottie Hair on your head, sitting firmly and comfortably on your crown.

Pull your own hair over the miracle wire and brush The Clipo! Hottie Hair through to blend in with your own hair!

Option Two:

Remove the wire and pull you hair up and clip the piece in around the back of your head.

Option Three:

Do a combination of both for an extra secure fit! 

Longer, Thicker Hair, It's so EASY!

How to adjust Clipo! Hottie Hair wire?

The wire words similar to an adjustable brah strap. Simply find the slot that fits your head size the best.

How long will my Instant! Hottie Hair last?

Your hair piece can trully last over one year. However a lot depends on how well they are treated, cared for and stored when not used. The golden rule is to treat your Clipo! Hottie Hair with the same love and respect you should your own hair!

Can I straighten or curl my Instant! Hottie Hair?

Absolutely! In fact you can treat them just like you would your own hair! Just remember, like your own hair, human hair extensions are not indestructible. So treat them with care and respect! Using a heat protector spray will help too!

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Hair Color Natural Black
Hair Length 16"
Hair Width One Piece: About 12" Side Pieces: About 4"
Hair Texture Straight
Hair Grade Real Remy
Hair Weight Total: 120g One Piece: About 100 grams Side Pieces: About 10 grams
Pieces 3


Yes you can color halo hair extensions. Because our hair is 100% human hair all collections can be dyed. Just note that you should only use semi or demi permanent hair dye. You should never ever lift the color, only deposit it. You want to keep the hair healthy. Color darker, never lighter. For best results we recommend salon assistance by a professional familiar with coloring extension hair.


When brushing use a soft bristle brush, start at the ends of your hair and gently work your way up. Always brush in a downward motion. Do not brush harshly.


In this video CryStyle founder of Hottie Hair demonstrates how to fit, adjust and tie off your halo hair extension to your heads perfect fit.


In this video CryStyle founder of Hottie Hair demonstrates how to re-wire your halo hair extensions.