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It’s CryStyle with Hottie Extensions. One of the biggest reasons I created Hottie Extensions was because I was tired of buying bad hair. This actually proved to be harder than it sounds. Everyone says they have the best quality hair but I found out over and over the hard way that was hardly ever the case. So I set out to figure out this mess for myself and create a brand that actually could be trusted. It has been many years of trial and error but this has allowed us to help save you all the headaches that I went through. A couple of extremely important facts to know before we get started to help you understand the very complicated market of hair extensions.

Where do hair extensions come from?

Eighty four percent of the world population has black hair. The majority of hair extensions come from India where the population has primarily black hair. Second would be China where they also primarily have black hair. The rarest and the most expensive hair comes from Russia and eastern Europe where we can source non black hair and high quality black hair because it's texture blends very well with most other hair textures.

What you need to know about hair quality?

There is much confusion because words like remy or virgin are completely misused in most of the hair extension world.


Non Remy: Hair that has fallen to the ground. Hair cuticles are not aligned in same direction or are damaged from processing.  This is where it gets tricky. Factories will use a machine to try to sort out the hair in the proper direction. In every case we have found machines just cannot do a perfect job of sorting the hair back to the proper directions. The next tricky thing they will do is strip the cuticle off the hair. This actually ruins the hair and they will try to seal or coat it with something like silicone to hide the damaged hair so that if feels smooth to the touch. This type of hair is the most commonly available hair to factories and the cheapest. Which is why they go through some bold measures to try to be able to trick people into buying this type of hair and call it remy when it is in fact not. After you start to wash this hair the silicone washes off and you end up with the real damaged problem hair underneath it.


Real Remy: All the cuticles are aligned and going the same direction and the cuticles are intact and undamaged. Comes from braid hair that has been kept in the same direction from the moment it was cut from the donor and remains that way through any processing it may go through. This type of hair is more expensive and more rare.


Virgin: This means the hair comes from a young girl who has not colored or bleached the hair before it was donated. However 99.9% of the time it does not make it to you that way. This word gets abused because they will sell it as virgin because it originated this way even though it is no longer virgin because the factory has now bleached and or colored the hair.


Hair Grades: There is an unofficial grading system from lowest 1A to highest 7A. This is a system to describe the amount of shorter hair pieces in a described length of hair bundle. With 7A having the most pieces that are generally the same length from top to bottom also known in the hair world as double drawn. Single drawn another often used term is also unofficially somewhere in the middle of the grading system but typically around 5A. Double drawn hair is even more expensive and more rare.


Hair Processing: You often see a very large array of colors of hair extension but 99.9% of this hair started out black and came from the countries listed above. How this hair changes colors is also extremely important.


Fast: Most all factories use a quick bleaching type process that damages the hair cuticle. They will often cover this up by coating the hair with silicone. To the touch if feels soft and smooth. It's not until you start to wash them that the silicone begins to wash off with each wash. This will leave the hair unmanageable and dry. This hair is always non remy even though they will call it remy because of the silicone or other coating. The life span of this type of hair is anywhere from two weeks to four months.


Gentle: Fewer factories use anywhere from a three to twenty day gentle slow process to remove the pigment from the hair. This does a much better job of keeping the cuticle in tact. The average lifespan of this type of hair is anywhere from four to nine months.


Unprocessed: This type of hair when it is real remy with cuticle undamaged will last anywhere from 1-2 years or longer and is considered the best in the world or real virgin hair.

As you can see not all hair extensions are created equal. In order to have the best experience with your hair extensions only the best quality real remy and real virgin hair should be used. It is in our experience that the best quality of hair comes with a high price tag because it is the rarest type of hair and the hardest to come by and make. To produce real remy hair is a tedious process and it requires sourcing only the best same direction aligned hair and then using only the gentlest methods for pulling pigment out of the hair to change it's color. As well as sourcing the highest grade of hair that is same length from top to bottom. As you can see this can be a very difficult market to navigate and it has taken us many many years of experience to find and work with the best manufactures in the world. All this so that we can provide you the most amazing experience with your hair extensions. It’s been a pleasure sharing with you and I look forward to joining you on your journey with the very best hair extensions in the world.

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