Tips for sleeping in your hair extensions

If you do not need a wig but you want your hair to look fuller and thicker; your best option is a hair extension that adds instant length and volume to your existing hair. That’s why many women love them.

As estimated, 97 percent of female celebrities wear hair extensions as they want to look beautiful. You too can be as sexy as Jennifer Lopez sporting sleek, super long and voluminous honey brown waves. The secret – thanks to a long length hair extension! Or pick Rihanna looking awesome with soft and wavy locks at the 2017 Grammy Awards that could only be achieved with hair extensions.

sleeping with hair extensions

Sleeping in your hair extension

After looking glamorous the whole day in your hair extension, what will happen at night? Sleeping with hair extensions at night is perfectly safe, comfortable and not anything to worry about.

Preparing hair extensions for bed

Brush your hair extensions before bedtime after removing any tangle or product build up during the day.

Inspect roots for any hidden knots or tangles. Whatever type of hair extension you use, make it a habit to inspect your hair bonds before turning in.

Ponytail and hair extension at night

A ponytail is a perfectly proper style that does not require extensive primping in the morning but follow strict conditions.

A thorough brushing of hair to remove any tangles is required before tying it back. As soon as hair is smooth, the hair must be secured in a low medium position while pulling the hair half way through its final rotation.

Conditioning hair extensions overnight

As well as preparing your hair extensions for bed, at least once a week you should be thinking about conditioning your hair extensions overnight.

Sleeping with your hair extensions wet is a big no-no, however this does not include hair that has been conditioned.  Hair extensions can become dry very quickly, therefore applying an intensive treatment before bed can help to make your hair extensions last longer.

Sleeping while conditioning hair extensions

Overnight conditioning of hair extension can help keep your hair extensions soft and shiny.

  1. As above, thoroughly brush your hair extensions to remove any tangles and knots from the day.
  2. Check your bonds if any need untangling.
  3. Apply to hair extension suitable conditioner over the mid lengths and ends of your hair extensions.  
  4. Plait/braid your hair extensions to keep the hair away from your face and to prevent it from tangling.
  5. Remove plait/braid in the morning, and wash hair extensions as normal to remove intensive conditioner from the hair.

Make your dreams better with hair extensions

Sleep and dream better with hair extensions that increase your personal appeal and anything in your hair you want to hide from public eyes. Use it to cover up a really bad haircut. If people find their hair cut uncomfortable, they can cover it up with a suitable hair extension matching the color and texture of their own natural hair. Feel like a beauty queen walking on red carpet with stunning shoulder length hair. For fun, parties and festive occasions, bold or subtle highlight your hair. You can be an attraction in a party. Be anyone you like to be with hair extensions!

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